10 Reasons the U.S. is Requiring  All Immigrants to Learn English

To earn English isn’t a requirement to shed one’s former identity, but to take on a new one along with it.

10.  Basic Survival

 9. Full assimilation into American culture

8. Knowing your rights

7.  American has the power of the vote

6. To gain Ameriansuppport for further immigration Reform.

5. Speaking the Same language Unites Us.

4. We simply Can't  tanslate everything

3. For the US Naturalization test and true citizenship

2.  To Empower yourself

1. Its the only way to succeed.

Test Your Reading Comprehension Skill

Test your Pronounciation Skill

Test Your Citizenship Knowledge

Test Your Lisening Skill

Jenice Rivera

Certified license teacher
Public Notary