The Time Is Now To Learn  English ​​

  • Taught by a state certified license teacher
  • No contract
  • Schedule your own time and
  • the number of lessons
  • Improve your English pronunciation, reading and communication skills
  • In home tutoring or /and online learning 
  • individual lessons
  • Study for your USA citizenship test
  • all at an affordable rate

Certified License Teacher
Public Notary

To be successful in the 21st century as a member of the world community its citizen must be proficient in reading, speaking  and writing  English.  
English is not an easy language to learn due to its  constant evolving use in present life. For example, English requires the speaker to produce sounds that requires articulation of the vocal mechanism. It also requires an understanding of sound stress  which in not present in many languages and to make matters harder English  is constantly evolving due to music and technology.  for example “Sugar” can be used to mean a sweeter (noun) or as an endearment (Adjective)
Everyone learns differently and that is why  I created this opportunity to bring learning english on an one to one instruction.
Lessons are tailored to your personal need and growth. You determine the time and the fluency of your tutoring.
It doesn't get any easier learning english and for those of you who need that individual help in preparing for your citizenship test this is a great opportunity, so why wait sent me a message with your  time availability and what you would like to accomplish in learning english and I can work out a plan that is affordable to you.